The Future of Smartphones: A Bright One for Us All

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With smartphones rapidly overtaking cell phones in the mobile market, it’s only logical that smartphone makers are looking ahead to what will keep consumers coming back for more. As such, Information Week recently published a stellar article on the subject, peeking into the innovations popular manufacturers of the devices already glued to our collective, cultural ears are planning for making their products even “stickier”.

Technology advances fast, and that’s why today’s experts see many amazing advances in smartphone technology in store for us in just two years from now. A chief Motorola executive summarizes it this way, by pointing out the three key trends that will alter the very “role and nature” of mobile devices to come:

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  • content digitization
  • ubiquitous, global broadband
  • PC miniaturization

This combination of elements will define what’s to come in smartphone innovation in just a matter of 24 months or less, namely in the way of:

  • hardware
  • operating systems
  • the internet “ecosystem”


Already, in the way of global broadband, companies like Verizon and Sprint have spread their 3G networks across the whole of the United States, with T-Mobile and AT&T not far behind.

In terms of sheer processing power and the placing of the computing power of the PC into your pants pocket, industry leader Intel is readying the new Moorestown chip, promising smartphone users even greater access to the power these increasingly faster networks offer.

And as for the world of the worldwide web, already corporate giants in other areas of technology are seeing the value of getting into the smartphone game. Consider web search giant Google, whose upcoming mobile platform Andriod is poised to revolutionize the smartphone market, engendering the creation of whole new smartphone devices by all the major manufacturers.

There’s much more ahead for smartphone users, and not very far ahead at that. Stay tuned, because it’s all coming soon to a smartphone near you.motorola moto x style

If you’re a parent seeking a low cost (but extremely successful) way to maintain monitor of the kids, then you ought to look at an iPhone tracking app, sometimes referred to as an iPhone spy app.

As you possibly are aware, the iPhone will be the most favored cell telephone on the market right now. The latest iPhone 4 sold millions in the very first week, further cementing its place as the most sought right after cell phone. Since the iPhone is a quite well-known device, it’s obviously the desire of most children these days. This implies parents can use this as a tool to watch and monitor their little ones by installing an iPhone monitoring application which will report the area of their children at any time.

The way an iPhone tracking app works, is soon after installation, they begin to report GPS coordinates at particular intervals (which commonly you can adjust) or they will enable you to “request” the area of the iPhone user. Results are usually sent to an account that you just set up at time of obtain. This enables you to then log in utilizing any world wide web connected device and view the tracking data.

The cool factor is the fact that these tracking apps will show display the GPS area on a map (usually Google Maps), which indicates it is possible to zoom in, zoom out, get driving direction, and even use Google’s Street View alternative to obtain a 360 degree view from the area. There’s truly no much better tracking option out there.

An iPhone-tracking application signifies no far more worrying if your kids are in school or when they do not pick up their cell phone whenever you try to call them. With this kind of app, you’ll often have a way to find out “exactly” where they’re at any given time.

A single factor to point out is that not all of these apps are created equal. Tracking applications will fall into two categories. The primary one being ‘visible’ and the second 1 being ‘hidden’ to the user. What this signifies that prior to you invest in an iPhone-tracking application to monitor your youngsters, decide should you want them to know you’re monitoring them, or if you’d rather not tell them. In most cases, the visible tracking apps are sold within the App shop, whereas the ‘hidden’ iPhone monitoring apps are sold outside the App shop.



mobile phonesThe best approach to make a decision when you should purchase a visible or hidden application is to ask yourself how your young children
will react should you tell them that you have installed an application on their telephone to monitor them in case of an emergency. My guess is the fact that when you make it a condition of having the iPhone, most youngsters won’t care. However, if you feel your older little ones will not like the though of mom and dad knowing exactly where they go, then undoubtedly go with the hidden tracking applications.

Regardless of your respective choice, employing an iPhone monitoring application may be the very best way to maintain track of one’s youngsters, and that means additional “peace of mind” for you and your spouse.

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