Guide for Kenyan Buying a Mobile Phone for The First Time

After looking at the latest mobile phones you are finally convinced that you need to own one too. You want to make sure that your first purchase is a good purchase and that you don’t end up buying something that does not make you proud. You want to know what the best mobile phones in Kenya are currently. But what you have to remind yourself is that the latest mobile is not always the best mobile. Secondly, there are certain things that have to be seen in order for you to make sure that you are picking the right product.

Due to the uncontrollable surge of smartphones around the world so many things have become part of the mobile phone purchasing experience that one has to read them all before going shopping for a mobile phone. There are the general and specific aspects that affect your mobile phone purchase. Below you will see a list of things that you need to know as a first time buyer of a smartphone so that you know what things have to be considered while buying a mobile phone.

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There Are Different Sizes

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Smartphones were not as big when they started as they are now. While most smartphones look big in videos, not all of them are of the same size. The first thing you need to decide is what size of your mobile phone you want. Compare the mobile phones online or in your hands when you are out in the market to know the difference. Most of the big companies like LG, Samsung and Apple are issuing two different series of their mobile phones. One of their lineup is meant for people with big hands and those who want to enjoy the luxury of a big screen.

The other series is for people with small hands. For example, iPhone 6S is a medium sized smartphones whereas the iPhone 6S Plus is a big phone that can be called a phablet. Same goes for Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge Plus from Samsung and the G4 and V10 from LG. Feel the phones in your hands before you pick one. You don’t want to end up with a phone you can’t handle when you are trying to pull down the notification from top that requires you to stretch your hand fully to make your thumb reach the top, making the phone unstable in your hand.

There Are Different Series

different series

Look at the latest mobile phones in Kenya on some online websites and you will realize that Galaxy S and Note series are not the only mobile phones from Samsung. When companies make phones they have proper and thorough surveys done of their target market. They know not all of their consumers are rich enough to go for their flagship phones. For this reason they will issue cheap mobile phones with different names. These phones are not the flagship phones. They are rather mid-range phones with a few things lacking compared to the flagship phone.

These phones will be different in shape and there will be slight differences in their specifications. You might get only 2GB of RAM compared to 4GB on the flagship phone. The camera on the phone might just be 10MP compared to a 12 or 16MP on the flagship phone. There are other things that are brought down to compensate for the low price of the phone. However, at a low price you are still able to get a phone made with the latest technological components and carrying features that belong to the latest generation.

There Are Mini Versions Too

mini version of mobile phone

It is natural that some people want to own the flagship phone and they don’t like the idea of buying a phone that looks completely different from their favorite phone just because they don’t have enough money. To compensate for that you will find many mobile phones in Kenya that are mini versions of their flagship phones. When you are shopping for mobile phones just remember to mention the mini version of the flagship phone and there are high chances that there is a mini version of your favorite flagship mobile phone from your favorite company.

You can even search for these phones online. The mini version of the flagship phone looks just like the flagship phone but in a smaller size. However, since the miniature version is not considered the flagship phone it cannot be given the specifications that would make it compete with the flagship phone. Consequently, you will have to bear another sacrifice on the specifications. The memory, processor, and camera are the main regions where you will have to compromise a little i.e. you will get low camera, smaller memory and slower processor compared to those on the actual flagship phone.

They Are Designed Differently For Different Countries

The fact that you are looking for mobile phones in Kenya does not limit you to buy only a particular model of a flagship phone. Smartphone makers are now making different versions of the same phone for different countries. Sometimes there are subtle differences in the specifications. Sometimes a phone sold to US audience will perform better than the same phone sold to the Korean audience. It is a fact and you have to know it before you buy your first mobile phone. A little online research and mobile phone reviews can help you greatly in understanding that.

The most important thing here is that these different versions of the same phone will receive updates differently too. This becomes the deciding factor for many of the buyers. They don’t want to get the version of the phone that receives the latest Android operating system update the last. There can be a difference of 6 or more months in phones when it comes to receiving the latest Android updates. You want to research and know about the version of the phone that receives the updates first. Sadly, some phones never get the update.

There Are Copied Versions Too

There are always those companies that are not good enough to design their own products and so they pick up the business of copying the bestselling phones in the market. These companies make the copies or clones of the most popular phones. The sad truth is that there are many people who end up buying these phones just because they cannot afford the real model of the phone. If you search for the copy of best mobile phones in Kenya you will come across the copies of almost all the great smartphones that you have ever known.

Copies are copies and you cannot expect them to be like the real phones. In fact, it is better if you go for a midrange phone rather than spending your money on the copy of your favorite flagship phone. The first and biggest problem with a copy phone is that it is a copy. You can never say that it is the real phone. Even if you are daring enough to tell your friends that you have the real flagship phone in your hands, the animations, graphics, camera performance, specifications, UI etc. will disclose the truth to them because copy phones have really bad performances.

You also have to beware the people who are trying to sell copy products in the name of real products. Copy mobile phone sales are highest in areas with lower average income. The best way to recognize a copy phone is to go online and watch some videos that will give you many ways to identify the copy. Furthermore, if you get the chance then hold the real phone in your hand for some time and play around with it for a few minutes. Holding a copy after that will definitely tell you that there is something different.

Websites Can Have Different Prices Of The Same Phone

Note: It is always best that you search for mobile phones in Kenya on the internet and get an idea about the price of the phone that you wish to buy. Compare the prices of the mobile phones and see if you can find any differences in the prices. Websites that are selling these phones can have different reasons for selling them at different rates. Some websites might be claiming that they will give you free shipping but the additional amount in your mobile phone price will tell you that the shipping costs have been included already.

Some websites will sell the phones at higher rates just because they are trying to earn more. They will try to claim that they have the best and genuine models and that the other companies are not selling genuine models. However, there is no way for you to check what models they are carrying until you get the product in your hands. If some website claims they have the phone at a cost much lower than the actual cost of the phone, you can be sure that you are being scammed by some shady company.

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